Urban design, land development and overall planning

  • Urban planning, urban designing, hillside development
  • Community development, overall land development plan
  • Spatial Behavior Environment Research
  • Scenic, recreational areas overall planning


Landscape architecture services

  • Holistic landscape planning, parks and city squares space designing
  • Ecological habitat design, special landscape design
  • Ecotourism planning
  • Urban and rural landscape design, landscape and general consultancy


Architectural design services

  • Community planning, housing, luxury residential tower
  • Star Rated hotels, tourist hotels, commercial buildings
  • Government agencies, transportation facilities
  • School, hospital, engineering works


Interior Design services

  • Commercial space interior design, home and furniture design
  • Sample apartment design, various exhibition hall, museum exhibition design


Traditional architectural engineering services

  • Chinese traditional architectural style, Western traditional architecture
  • Sculpture Art Works